Monday, August 23, 2010

Some days, just ain't so easy

Starting a blog sort of gives off an air of narcissism. I mean, some people do this to tell other people what they're doing, or how they feel about things or people, or any other way of basically shouting "ME ME ME" to the world. I guess I'm guilty of this motive, not so much because I really do feel that way (I think anyone who knows me can tell you I'm not all about myself), but I feel it's a product of our times. Yes, kiddies, we live in the age of Twitter, Facebook, reality television. The age of ME. And please get out of the new road if you can't lend your hand, for the times... they are a-changin'.

Anyway. Now I have an outlet for things that frustrate me, people who piss me off, situations that go all FUBAR, music I like and I want you to like... basically, this is my world. All my narcissism goes here. Perhaps this will last a week, maybe a month... maybe for years. I don't know... I tend to start things and not finish them.

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